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EstoxConnect is a UK based company that has their own manufacturing units in India. We enjoy being the most reputable private label clothing line manufacturer that has the ability to cater to all your needs. We are proud to say that we provide a complete solution starting from concept to production. At ExtoxConnect you can be rest assured because our services also include doorstep delivery of consignment across the globe.

private label clothing line

We are highly specialized and can work on custom design and specifications. Our design team is capable of converting your imagination into reality and yielding results that match your requirement to 100%. We do not believe in compromising on quality and therefore our production facilities strive to maximize garment quality with minimal wastage. Our vertically integrated private label clothing line has the production capacity of more than 50,000 pieces per month. At EstoxConnect, we not only meet the requirement of leading clothing brands around the world, but also helped to turn the new start up business to take the shape of big multinational clothing brands.

EstoxConnect is the most preferred offshore private label clothing line manufacturer among our clients because we provide the highest level of quality assurance and on time production. Similarly, we are known for our state of the art infrastructure that provides garments at cheap cost without ever sacrificing on the quality standards. EstoxConnect is well equipped to meet all kinds of garment manufacturing needs which means that our private label clothing line includes Private Label Men’s Clothing, Private Label Women’s Clothing and Private Label Children Clothing.

After a decade, today EstoxConnect is the most trusted private label clothing line supplier to the world’s reputed clothing label companies. Our company’s mission is to simplify the complexities associated with private label clothing line and help our clients to focus on the sale part.

At EstoxConnect, private label clothing line typically goes through 5 essential stages. Each step requires detailed planning and under the strict supervision of our Key Account Managers, the work is transferred from one skill set of team to another. Let us walk you through the five stages:
Stage 1: Pattern Making

At this stage, we develop grading and pattern based on the specification, we received from the client. We also work on a sample image or any computerized driven files that the client sends us from overseas. EstoxConnect does not believe in communicating over emails or telephones, but we send our representative for a private meeting to understand the needs of our valued customer. During this stage, apart from paper patterning we also develop sample on fabric to compare the results with the specification provided by our clients and evaluate whether the given design is practical or not.

Stage 2: Buying and Sourcing

We have two units operating in India and therefore it is easier for us to have access to different kinds of fabrics, trims, variety of prints and all kinds of input materials at cheaper rates. To develop a private label clothing line, EstoxConnect make sure that it has all required input material in the finest quality. If perchance the requirement of the client cannot be met at our units, we outsource manufacturing without ever compromising on the client’s specification.

Stage 3: Sample Development

At, EstoxConnect the prime objective of the business is meeting the 100% requirement of our valued customer and never disappoint them. Therefore, before we run bulk production, we strive to develop sample in our production as per the specification and instruction of our client. We only start bulk production after our customer gives approval and is satisfied with the sample developed at our units.

Stage 4: Bulk Production

This is stage of developing a private label clothing line as per the sample approved. We simply follow the sample and sent the garment for bulk production. We at the same time produce the custom labels and tags that too have been approved by our client and stitch them with the garments. We just do not stop there but sent the bulk production to our finishing department and later at our quality assurance department to ensure that we provide a consistent quality to our customers.

Stage 5: Packaging and Delivery

At the last stage we pack the garment manufactured at our units and arrange for our doorstep delivery of your consignment. Since we have dedicated team of custom clearance, international cargo management and freight forwarding, we make on time delivery.

We make sure to carry out business on your terms and customer delight is our sole objective. Manufacturing private label clothing line is EstoxConnect specialty and our team of fashion designers endlessly works to put together your sketches and patterns in the physical form of the garment. If you need more of a reason to choose EstoxConnect, then just see our proud craftsmanship in our work on our Gallery pages.

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