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private label T-shirt manufacturerLooking around for a private label t-shirt manufacturer? Building even the simplest t-shirt requires a considerable amount of work and we’re ready to do what it takes to build a product with you that stands-out from the rest. But first, we’ve prepared this concise guide to help you choose your private label t-shirt manufacturer.

Your manufacturer can make or break your private label. It is important that you stick with a good, reliable company to work with; a business who is dedicated to each individual order and understands your specific requirements. There are a thousand plus one ways to customize a t-shirt and you have to make sure your private label t-shirt manufacturer is capable of meeting your requirements and understands your needs fully.

From Generic to Custom Brand

Building your first collection of private label t-shirts is a process of many small steps.

First, selecting the type of t-shirt to use. Figuring out what fabric you need is just a fragment of the process. You also have to think about the fit you like and the sizes you need.

Next is what customization you require. This is the creative part where your t-shirt, from being a regular tee, becomes a desirable private label item.

Let us begin at what could be the most important part of a private label t-shirt: the brand stamps or tags. How would you like to attach your logo? Do you want it printed on the t-shirt or on a sewn-in woven tag? How many colors would it have? How big should it be? A refined, professional logo adds value to your product and can mean the difference between being displayed on the premium rack or dumped in the discount box.

Now comes the customization. You should know if your private label t-shirt manufacturer has the equipment and know-how to undertake the processes required. There are many ways to embellish a t-shirt but here are the most common ways to do it:

– Digital printing – most feasible in small to medium order volumes
– Screen printing – this method doesn’t achieve as much detail and color variation as digital printing but is very cost-effective when producing a large volume of t-shirts
– Beading, fabric stressing, etc. – there are a myriad other ways to embellish a simple knit t-shirt. An established manufacturer should have more offerings although some specialize in specific fields such as lacework, dyes, etc.

Finding a Good Manufacturer

Private label t-shirt manufacturers come in many forms: from the worst to being the most impeccable business partners around. Choosing the right one can be the difference between night and day for your business venture. After all, manufacturers are the ones responsible for the products you will sell.

Finding a great manufacturer is all about research and great communication. Here are some solid pointers you have to watch out for when selecting yours:

Experience – while it’s nice to work with newbies, an experienced manufacturer would not only help you make the items, they can even give you advice to make better products. An experienced private label t-shirt manufacturer will have a host of happy clients that almost guarantee a smooth transaction.

Perfect match – once you’ve decided what you want to make – the type of shirt, the printing, the logo type – finding a private label t-shirt manufacturer that can do what you want is key.

Terms friendly to you – many private label t-shirt manufacturers have rules on business that are set in stone. For example, a big, established manufacturer may refuse orders of less than 10,000 pieces. If your plan is ordering just 5,000 pieces, is the manufacturer worth the risk of overstocking?

Sampling program – never finalize an order without receiving a sample first. Just imagine ordering 5,000 shirts with a misspelled label or the wrong shade of orange that ruins the print. Nothing should go to waste. Samples are important because this is the physical form of the manufacturing agreement; it will become the standard of the entire production run and also your guarantee of quality.

Schedule – Fashion is fleeting and what could be sellable now could be passé the next month. However, don’t forget to allow some wiggle room in your schedule. Getting products to your door can be a tough affair. Take into consideration the socio-political status of the world, fashion seasons & major events, local holidays in the manufacturer’s native country, the weather, possible shipping issues … etc, when mapping out your calendar to produce your apparel products. An experienced manufacturer must be able to take into account these factors that will affect the schedule (such as local holidays, possible logistical delays …etc), and explain this clearly to you, providing a realistic and accurate information on deadlines.

Scope of Contract

The contract will usually have the following:

-Schedule of Delivery
-Specifications of the Product
-Order Quantity (at each variation or size)
-Intellectual Property Ownership
-Delivery Specifications

The final two are very important to you, the creator. The intellectual property ownership ensures that your manufacturer will not use your designs for other clients.

The delivery specifications, a very important yet often overlooked detail, signals the end of the manufacturing contract. This should clearly point out where the manufacturer’s responsibilities ceases. Does the manufacturer guarantee delivery of the goods to your doorstep or does the contract end when the goods are sent to the shipping company? Should the products be individually packed, with hangers and price tags already attached once they arrive? Does your manufacturer offer replacement for damaged goods? How should complaints be handled?

Contact us for a free consultation and find out more. We’re excited to hear from you and support you, as we have done with many other rising and established fashion labels before.

Searching for a good private label t-shirt manufacturer is a big step in building a private label. EstoxConnect specialises in this field. We are highly experienced and offer flexible terms. Our holistic approach to the business offers product development, design support and face-to-face consultations with our clients. At every step, we make sure our clients get the most from this exciting industry.

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