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EstoxConnect provides outstanding quality clothing for private label use. Being one of the most respected private label clothing manufacturers in operation, our complete, holistic array of services allows our clients to enjoy ease when procuring inventory for their lines.

private label clothing manufacturers
Not just a factory operation, EstoxConnect provides everything you need with minimal stress on your part. Our in-house team of expert fashion designers and pattern-makers make ‘blank’ garments that are premium quality and ready to become part of your collection quickly and without hassle.

As one of the leading private label clothing manufacturers, we value the quality of our work just as much as the service and experience we offer to each and every client. Here are the reasons why EstoxConnect is one of the best private label clothing manufacturers in the business today.

1. Affordable

As an established private label clothing manufacturers, the company has always worked towards minimizing costs. The savings we make are always forwarded to the clients. With ten years of operating in the industry, we have built irreplaceable business relationships, know-how and contacts that help us build the best products at a minimal price. Our low minimum order quantity (MOQ) start at 300 pieces, a friendly number to labels just starting out in the business.

2. High-Quality

With in-house fashion designers and expert pattern-makers, each garment is guaranteed to be high-end and of premium brand label quality. Each design is carefully made into patterns, graded, cut and sewn under the strict quality control systems of EstoxConnect. With Sodexo, ISO 900 and OEKETEX certifications, our commitment to quality shows in every aspect of the work we do, from fabric to the delivery.

3. Trustworthy Delivery

EstoxConnect is one of the select private label clothing manufacturers with its own factory operations in India. Our current production capacity is up to 50,000 units per month and our expect logistics offers quick turn around. Our on-the-ground teams also work hard to be as efficient and timely as possible.

Samples are often done in a week and initial orders take 10-11 weeks to complete. Repeat orders are delivered within 8-10 weeks. Of course, many factors outside EstoxConnect’s control, such as customs laws, climate, etc., ultimately affect the delivery schedule but rest assured that we commit ourselves to agreed timing.

4. Excellent Communication

We pride ourselves in having a physical office in the UK where clients can come and talk about the product in person. This means clients don’t have to settle with photos, e-mails or talking on the phone. They can drop by our office, engage our staff in discussion over samples, feel the actual product, inspect every stitch and discuss any desired modification.

Communication is key to every successful transaction. EstoxConnect’s dedicated teams will support, guide and talk to each client whether via phone, e-mail, fax or, unlike other offshore private label clothing manufacturers, face-to-face.

5. Responsible

EstoxConnect is committed to becoming part of a sustainable fashion industry. Our factory complies to international standards such as Sedex to ensure that we take care of people involved in our operations.

Aside from making sure our factories operates following ethical standards, our sourcing teams also look into the origin of textiles, from affordable blends to luxury weaves, and we make sure they comply to relevant standards such as GOTS and OEKOTEX. Every fibre that becomes a private label garment from our company complies to standards of quality, safety and sustainability set by the world’s most trusted accrediting bodies. Our operations, including especially our factory floor, adhere to the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP)’s 12 Principles on workplace standards.

All of our certifications, awards and other recognition are available for viewing upon request.

6. We’ve Got It All

EstoxConnect is not just a manufacturer, it’s a company built by teams of people that are experts in their own right. We have textile hunters, in-house expert fashion designers, experienced patternmakers, sewers, project managers and fashion business pundits all in one roof. This means that when you work with EstoxConnect, you don’t have to worry about finding another company to make your fabric, another to process the shipping, another one to alter and grade patterns or even design.

Each of our additional services charge a discussed fee or packages maybe offered to suit any need. Our company was designed to be the only one you need to work with when making your items. This makes it easy for our clients as well as streamlining the manufacturing process for greater efficiency.

Finding the right private label clothing manufacturer is a tough job but once you’ve chosen EstoxConnect, it is our guarantee that you will be working with seasoned professionals.

Our business is making sure we give you the best for your business. We now offer FREE CONSULTATIONS at our UK offices for prospective clients. These obligation-free appointments will help you understand our services more and see what EstoxConnect has to offer you that you might miss from other private label clothing manufacturers.

Need help? Feel free to Contact us . We love to assist and help you succeed in this exciting industry.

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