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EstoxConnect is a UK based company that has its own manufacturing units in India. We are proud being one of the most reputable and trusted private label clothing line manufacturers for value added brands/labels with the ability to cater to women’s wear, kids wear and men’s wear. We are proud to say that we provide a complete solution starting from concept to production. At ExtoxConnect you can  rest assured that you’re dealing with a one stop solution for fashion & textile provider, as in addition to manufacturing our services also include  delivery of consignment directly to your preferred address, and covering most countries in the world on FOB basis.

We are highly specialized in knitted and woven apparels and offer 100% customisation for brands and labels. Our design team is capable of converting your imagination into reality and yielding results that match your requirements and even exceed your expectations. We do not believe in compromising on quality and therefore our production facilities strive to maximize garment quality with minimal wastage. In addition, to Sedex, ISO 900 and OEKETEX certifications, our commitment to quality and ethics shows in every aspect of the work we do, from fabric sourcing and manufacturing to delivery. Our production capacity for private label clothing line accommodates industrial capabilities of more than 50,000 pieces per month.. At EstoxConnect, not only do we meet the requirements of leading clothing brands around the world, but also helped new start-ups to grow, thanks to – the quality of products we manufacture, the advice and guidance we provide derived from years of industry experience in fashion and the one stop solution approach which provides all the infrastructure & services a small business may require.

EstoxConnect has a 90% client retention rate, and most of the clients who enquire with us end up choosing us over competitors (if we can meet their product spec requirements). This is due to certain fundamental reasons:- Our one stop fashion solution approach, meaning we’re not only manufacturers, but we include all possible services that a fashion business/retailer may require to facilitate convenience, speed of execution and cost effectiveness of projects, and finally the one to one consultation that truly sets us apart from other manufacturers. For example, we have an experienced team of fashion experts who can meet face-to-face to discuss your product requirements and long term vision. This gives our clients huge advantage, over otherwise typical email communications. In face-to-face meetings with our fashion consultants, clients can discuss & exchange many ideas & aspects of the product specs in details to get better understanding over the best approach to the project. Also, both EstoxConnect representative & the client can see, feel & size-up fabric & apparel samples in front of each other, speed up communication and establish better trust. Other services included, such as, Tech Pack development, Range Planning, Creative Design assistance and Shipping/Delivery. It is for these reasons that EstoxConnect is the preferred offshore private label clothing line manufacturer among all clients who come across us.This is in addition to our commitment to provide the highest quality of sourced material and production finish on schedule. Similarly, we are known for our state of the art infrastructure that provides a range of garments  at both ends of the spectrum:- from the high-end luxury range to  the more affordable range without ever sacrificing on the quality standards. EstoxConnect’ssuperior infrastructure, technological production equipment and highly experienced & skilled staff, means that we’re well equipped to meet all kinds of garment manufacturing. As such, our private label clothing line production caters for Private Label Men’s wear, Private Label Women’s wear and Private Label Kid’s wear.

Thanks to years of commitment in helping out SME’s as well as established brands, differentiating ourselves from competitors and keeping ahead, today EstoxConnect is one of the most trusted private label clothing line supplier in the industry. Our company’s mission is to simplify the complexities associated with private label clothing line manufacturing and help our clients to focus on their businesses.

At EstoxConnect, private label clothing line manufacturing typically goes through 5 essential stages. Each step requires detailed planning and under the strict supervision of our Key Account Managers, the work is transferred from one skill set of team to another. The five stages are:

Stage 1: Pattern Making

At this stage, we develop patterns and grading of patterns by both hand and computerised techniques based on the complexity of the style.  Our well trained technicians are capable to develop patterns from  basic styles to highly complex grade styles.

Stage 2: Buying and Sourcing

We have two units operating in India and therefore it is easier for us to have access to two different kinds of fabrics, trims, variety of prints and all kinds of input materials at cheaper rates. Our sourcing team is capable of sourcing all types of  fabrics, accessories and trims from different parts of the world besides developing in-house fabrics from our mills. We are placed strategically in south of India , Tirupur and Bangalore, where we have great access to wide range of knitted and woven processing units readily available within our circles.

Our location is key for our success, as Tirupur is well known for apparel exports from south of India and has been nicknamed the Knit Wear Capital of India, Textile City. We have great access from small to large scale processing units with compliances and standards.  We are located in a textile hub, where the port and warehouse facilities are readily accessible for large scale shipment processing.

Stage 3: Sample Development

At EstoxConnect the prime objective of the business is capturing the  client’s requirement with 100% accuracy and with the client’s final approval. Therefore, before we run bulk production, we develop samples  according to the specifications provided by the client. Upon the client’s inspection of the samples and giving the final approval,  we commence bulk production according to the approved specifications and samples.

Stage 4: Bulk Production

This is the stage of developing a private label clothing line as per the samples approved. We simply follow the sample that was approved in the pre-production stage for bulk production. At the same time, weproduce the custom labels and tags that have been approved by our clients as well and stitch them with the garments. However, we do not stop there. We send the bulk production to our finishing department and later at our quality assurance department to ensure that we provide consistent quality to our customers as per AQL 2.5 industrial standard.

Stage 5: Packaging and Delivery

At the last stage we pack the garment manufactured at our units and arrange the consignments  for delivery either on FOB India or landed (only UK)  Since we have a dedicated team of custom clearance, international cargo management and freight forwarding agents, we make on time delivery.

We make sure to  provide our service to the highest level of professionalism and standard, where customer satisfaction is our sole objective. Manufacturing private label clothing line is EstoxConnect specialty and our team of fashion designers endlessly works to put together your sketches and patterns in the physical form of the garment. If you need more of a reason to choose EstoxConnect, then  it is our delight to serve you with our proud craftsmanship so you can have the private label clothing line you’ve always envisioned and deserve. Visit our product page to see a Gallery of just some of the products we produce.

Need help? Feel free to Contact us . We love to assist and help you succeed in this exciting industry.

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