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EstoxConnect is a private label apparel manufacturer established over 10 years ago. It is a supply chain management company based in UK which specializes in fashion and textile industry. It helps to provide a way to bring your vision and imagination to live on fabrics.

EstoxConnect with its in-house team of skilled and expert fashion designers help to make a blank garment into your required designs and patterns without hassle and efficiently.

best private label apparel manufacturer

At EstoxConnect, our journey has been a successful and a rewarding one. We have a strong commitment to not only our clients but also our in-built house team.

Why EstoxConnect is one of the best private label apparel manufacturers in the business today?


At EstoxConnect, you will be able to meet with us face to face and will be saved from the tiring and time-consuming method of emails and telephones. We at EstoxConnect believe that face to face communication is the key to a good business. Our clients can visit with our company any time and can discuss their queries and feel the product that we are providing them and discuss with any changes they want in the product. As being the best private label clothing manufacturers, we want to understand our clients and their requirements. PREMIUM QUALITY
You will find the highest quality fabrics with our in-house fashion designers and expert pattern-makers working hard to reach your desired needs. We offer high ended quality fabrics ranging from luxury to comfort. Our designs and products are manufactured with care into patterns, cut and sewn and graded while keeping the strict quality control system of EstoxConnect in mind. We use and adopt the modern technology and facilities and with Sedex, ISO 9000 and OEKOTEX certified, we deliver you finished premium brand label quality products.


We believe that very client has a different and a unique insight and imagination. Therefore we provide them with our highly skilled manufacturers who will be able to understand and grasp their uniqueness and will be able to fulfill their imagination and bring it into the finished product. These finished products are guaranteed to be 100% customized.


Unlike other private label clothing manufacturers, EstoxConnect is a company built and run by teams which are experts at what they do. They are skilled and experienced teams which will help to make your required designs and patterns. We have sewers, skilled patternmakers, in-house fashion designers and the best textile artists all working under one roof. Not only this, but we work with major retailers and brands also. Once you start working with us you will have no desire to join and take the services offered by other companies. You will find that we excel in our services from fabric making to delivering.


Our company has always worked towards minimizing the costs and that’s what makes us an established and a successful private label clothing manufacturer. We keep our clients’ needs and pockets in mind. We build the best product at minimal prices for our clients. Over the years we have built relationship with contacts and business which help us in making and manufacturing products at a minimum price. For a new client starting a business, our low quality start at a friendly number that is 300 pieces which easily provides the client with the best and help him to strive in his business at the early stage of his business.


We are available 24 hours for our clients. We take our clients and our services to them seriously. Our clients can contact or visit us anytime they need our services and expertise. We are there for them when they want any last-minute changes in the fabrics. Being available at all times is what sets us apart from the other private label clothing manufacturers. We assure you that we have a flexible and an accessible service available for our clients.


We are not just providing you with our expertise in helping to design your clothing but we also make sure that your products reach you on time. Our production capacity is up to 50,000 units per month. Our teams work hard to manufacture your products so that they will get delivered to you in time and with the best quality garments too!
Our samples are done in a week for you to check or make any changes to the design or patterns. It takes 10 to 11 weeks for the initial orders to complete. We teams deliver repeat orders within 10 weeks. Apart from factors such as climate and custom laws there is nothing that will stop us from delivering your garments on the agreed time.

For your business to strive and get to the top, you need to find the best private label apparel manufacturers and for that EstoxConnect is your guarantee for a successful business and once you have started working with us you will never look the other way!

Feel free to Contact us . We love to assist and help you succeed in this exciting industry.

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