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EstoxConnect’s holistic services work together to make it one of the leading custom clothing manufacturers in the world.

In this quick guide, we will help see you through the process of turning an idea into a sellable product. With many custom clothing manufacturers available, it is important to choose the one perfect for your business. In chronological order, the steps taken to build a product are discussed. In each step are pointers on what to look out for when looking for custom clothing manufacturers.

custom clothing manufacturers

Finalising Design

Finalising the design means drawing out accurate illustrations, complete with all the specifications and measurements. A clearly laid-out design means no misunderstanding with custom clothing manufacturers, potentially saving the entire process from weeks of delay and extra cost. In this highly technical step, EstoxConnect is able to provide assistance through in-house qualified fashion designers for a fee or otherwise included in the standard service, depending on how much assistance is required with the design.

Textile Sourcing

Every fibre of a garment must be sourced with great care. EstoxConnect understands how important fabric is, that’s why it has a dedicated team for this purpose.

The team will hunt down from high-end luxury to the most cost-effective materials available, find suppliers and make sure they comply to industry standards. If you can’t find a fabric perfect for your product, you can consider letting partner fabric mills make it just for you.

EstoxConnect strives to be a responsible operation and ensures fabric suppliers comply to OEKO-TEX standards. Organic fabrics are also Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)-approved. From interesting organic milk fabrics to affordable polyester knit blends, the team is bound to find the perfect textile at the best prices for your business.

Building the Patterns

Patterns are the building blocks of clothing. They are used as stencils to cut fabric into pieces, which are sewn into the final garment. This is a very important step as it affects the fit and the look of the garment, directly affecting your sales.

The skill level of patternmakers plays a key role in building great clothing. Each pattern is built with the intended fabric’s unique characteristics in mind and must be graded expertly to sizes. The EstoxConnect team is joined by a strong team of patternmakers, ready to help you further streamline the entire process.

Sample Making

Samples represent a custom clothing manufacturers and client’s shared commitment to quality. At EstoxConnect, the sampling process is considered one of the most important steps and focused upon with great detail, to ensure both the client and manufacturer are on exactly the same level of understanding on the requirements, before time and resources can be allocated to the main production stage. It takes about a week to get a prototype back to clients, depending on the complexity of the design and other factors such as customs and logistics, which are out of the manufacturer’s control.
Reaching For Perfection

Everything done at this point must meet the client’s specifications. Samples can undergo multiple revisions in the process to achieve the greatest match between vision and reality.

Creating a perfect sample is very important. This is the last stage at which  edits to the design can  be made. After the perfect sample is achieved, the mass production process can begin for the item.


Running a production line to make clothing is like a symphony – it requires  rhythm and harmony. The fabric must arrive on time, custom notions (buttons, zippers, etc.) must be ready, and the manpower should be poised to give their best before the first cut is made.

EstoxConnect’s own manufacturing operations in India are compliant to the world’s most reliable standards in the garment business. It is part of an elite group of factories recognised with accreditations from ISO 9000, SODEXO and WRAP, all available for viewing upon client’s request. These certifications are the results of our commitment to responsibility and accountability, reaching and exceeding the most robust international standards. Current EstoxConnect factories can produce up to 50,000 garment units a month.


Getting a product from point A to B is complicated. There are the customs laws to be followed to the letter, shipping risks and even land transport risks which can derail timely delivery.

EstoxConnect offers comprehensive and flexible delivery options to accommodate clients’ convenience and budget. These options are:
LDP – Landed Duty Paid – delivering to the client’s doorstep or any desired postal address. This option will incur duties and freight charges.
FOB – Free On Board – Delivered to the port, where client will be required to collect the goods from the port, however, there are no duties or freight charges to pay.

Support All Throughout – Face-to-face, emails, telephone …etc.

With ten years in the industry, EstoxConnect has gained invaluable knowledge on the industry and they know about the value of in-person meetings.

Unlike other overseas custom clothing manufacturers, EstoxConnect doesn’t just settle for e-mails, phone calls or even teleconferencing. With an office in the UK, representatives are available to discuss business, face-to-face.

In offices, clients can physically point out their desired revisions in samples and engage a team of other experts in building the product. There is no need for hoping that the custom clothing manufacturers understand what you mean in that e-mail attachment or being limited to phone calls. With EstoxConnect, you can hold samples in your hand, feel each stitch and inspect the product as much as you’d like.

Aside from working with established brands, EstoxConnect extends its warm welcome to SMEs and budding designers. Our minimum order quantity (MOQ) starts at 300 units/style – a low, and therefore, small business-friendly number when compared to our similarly-sized and experienced competitors.

Full Spectrum Service

EstoxConnect is involved in each aspect of the manufacturing process. Our design team can help with the early steps until quality checking to make sure each piece reaches our top-shelf standard. Unlike other custom clothing manufacturers, EstoxConnect’s range of services can take you from point zero to the final product reaching your doorstep.
Free Consultations Just For You

If you’re interested in finding out more about custom clothing manufacturers and our services, why not contact us for a free consultation and hear what we will be able to do for you? Experience how we take care of each client, whether they’re big or small, and how we help them bring their fashion labels to reality. These client-oriented qualities are what make us stand out from other custom clothing manufacturers.

Need help? Feel free to Contact us . We love to assist and help you succeed in this exciting industry.

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