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The Best Private Label Clothing Line on Estoxconnect

EstoxConnect is a UK based company that has their own manufacturing units in India. We enjoy being the most reputable private label clothing line manufacturer that has the ability to cater to all your needs. We are proud to say that we provide a complete solution starting from concept to production. At ExtoxConnect you can …


EstoxConnect – Finest Private Label Apparel Manufacturers

EstoxConnect is a private label apparel manufacturer established over 10 years ago. It is a supply chain management company based in UK which specializes in fashion and textile industry. It helps to provide a way to bring your vision and imagination to live on fabrics. EstoxConnect with its in-house team of skilled and expert fashion …

best private label apparel manufacturer

Private Label Clothing Manufacturers

EstoxConnect provides outstanding quality clothing for private label use. Being one of the most respected private label clothing manufacturers in operation, our complete, holistic array of services allows our clients to enjoy ease when procuring inventory for their lines. Not just a factory operation, EstoxConnect provides everything you need with minimal stress on your part. …


A VOICE TO SUPPORT THE FASHION & TEXTILES TRADE (exploited labours and diminishing artists)

Overseas garment manufacturers remain to be the best manufacturers for many established brands. (Overseas garment manufacturers remains the best source of supply base for many top companies in UK, Europe, USA, Australia) Since the cost of living in nations such as China, Bangladesh and India remain below half of that in the UK, the labour …