Who Are We?

Estoxconnect is a supply chain management company specialising in the textiles and fashion industry. Our journey has been long and rewarding.

Established over 10 years ago, Estoxconnect is built on trust and a strong commitment towards our in-house team and clients

Our services are:

– Design support
– Sourcing and production
– Quality management
– Export/Import

We are a UK based company with our own manufacturing operations in India. Our facilities are modern units with a comprehensive quality control program and a production capacity of up to 50,000 units per month.

History of Estox Connect

The journey of the brand has been long and endearing since 2012. As a company we have evolved understanding of our clients and challenges. We have exhibited many shows like ASBCI fit conferences, Fashion SVP & Spring fair.

We have records of working with value added brands, handling complex constructions in both medium to luxury articles. We have worked with brands like Adam and Alice London, Balenciaga, Hamur London, Where is that Bear ? and many others. We have a special studio dedicated to handling luxury articles like silk.

Why Choose Us?

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    Face to face

    You can meet with us face to face, so you have the comfort of knowing who you’re dealing with, rather than being forced to only communicate via telephone & emails as with other manufacturers/suppliers. We believe this is key in establishing a trustworthy business relationship and to better understand you and your needs.

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    Highly Experienced

    Don’t settle for anything less than the most experienced in the industry, if you wish to produce the best products. We work with major brands & retailers but can also work with SMEs.

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    24 Hours Service

    We take our services and your business seriously, hence we are contactable 24 hours. This makes all the difference between our services and those of competitors, especially when it comes to those last minute deadlines and short notice changes you have. You can rest assured you have a fully accessible and flexible service.

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    Superior Quality

    We source the highest quality fabrics whether for luxury or more affordable range. We utilize only the most modern of production facilities & equipment, highly skilled & experienced staff, and being Sedex, ISO 9000 and OEKOTEX certified, delivering you superior quality finished products.

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    100% Customisation

    Every individual has their own unique ideas and imagination, and deserves a manufacturer that understands that and fulfil their ideas & imagination with 100% fully customised designs and production.

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    Reliability and Customer Service

    Our global establishment provides reliable service managing the supply-chain and customer service support via telephone, email and meeting our clients face to face.

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    Effective Communication

    We maintain effective communication, vital for every process in the design and production stage to run successfully, for an outstanding final finished product.

    We reply to emails or answer phone calls promptly and quickly, ensuring our customers are always fully supported and satisfied.

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    Design Development and Management

    Our team of designers assist you with developing your ideas into a technical pack that is used for production.

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    Our sourcing team handles complete sourcing from fabrics to trims.

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    Pattern Making

    We develop patterns both by hand and via computerised pattern making tools.

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    Our production line has individual garment development set-up, sampling set-up and line & batch production set-up to make our operations comfortable for both small and large scale operations.

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    Dyeing and Printing

    We work with dedicated units with whom we have built long standing relationship. We work with complied RO plant set-up units. All our dyes are Azo free dyes.

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    Logistic and Delivery

    Our logistic team will handle all paperwork and documentation with respect to shipments via both sea and air.

Our Team

Overall as an organisation, we adopt proven practices used by the biggest and most successful organisations, where we rely on a collaborative team effort to improve performance by systematically removing waste; combining lean manufacturing and lean enterprise to eliminate the following kinds of waste: Time, Inventory, Motion, Waiting, Over production, Over processing and Defects.

Our team is made up of directors, fashion designers and highly-skilled workers working together to constantly strive for the best.

Our management team (India based) are constantly sourcing innovative fabrics and trims offering customers new technologies and fabrics, ensuring that we are the leaders of our industry. Other roles of the management team are to recruit and retain highly-skilled workers. They are employed based on their skill and knowledge with the capacity to deliver high quality garments ranging from simple designs to complex high-end fashionable merchandise.

Sampling Units


At Estoxconnect, our R&D teamwork on the latest fabric technology to meet fashion trends, always looking at optimal designs for a wide range of collections from classic to breakthrough designs. We are proud of our ability to not only develop innovative collections, but also to keep one step ahead in a world of fast-paced ever changing fashion trends.

With our flexible manufacturing facility we are able to develop articles from both woven and knitted garments in our sampling division.

Production Facilities

Our production facilities strive to maximize garment quality with minimal wastage. We do this with computerized pattern-making and machine lay cutting. Built into our daily practices are set inspection points from the cutting stage to the garment assembly. This improves overall efficiency but also allows us to quickly find and eliminate errors at any given point. This ensures a superior finished garment. Our factories house various departments for testing, printing and embroidery set up that complement the production facility in exceeding delivery expectations.

Our location is also of paramount benefit since our production facilities are based in Tirupur and Bangalore – two great strategic locations for the garment industry.

Tirupur is one of the largest textile manufacturing hubs in the India, which provides us with ready access to a wide range of advanced textile processing facilities. Bangalore, located in central India provides ready access to sourcing high end innovative fabrics.

Our commitment to achieving our environmental, health and safety goals is an embedded value at Estoxconnect. Our EHS system drives compliance with the law, providing safe environment and working conditions for our workers, continuously improves our performance and measures our actions against our words.

Modern Manufacturing

Social and Ethical


Quality standardisation

Commitment to
on-time delivery

Design Team

Our design team are capable of developing your imagination into a finished product